Jeanie Ames, Parkway School Board Candidate – UNFIT FOR OFFICE


The Parkway Board of Education exists as a non-partisan political entity; Jeanie Ames appears to be a radicalized political extremist with an unknown agenda.*

Do not vote for Jeanie Ames – she will be bad for Parkway Schools and students.  Her public record is disrespectful, crude and socially unacceptable.


This post reflects on 5 Appalling Aspects of the candidate’s public record, specifically her social media activity.


1) Jeanie Ames rudely antagonizes Parkway school district staff:

2) Jeanie Ames lists the Congressional Black Caucus as “what is wrong with America”:

3) Jeanie Ames holds fanatic religious beliefs, specifically anti-Muslim:

(Please note: It is estimated that 1.7 million people died in total during the Crusades. Source. Modern Christians, Muslims, and Jewish religious scholars recognize a common faith history and their religious leaders advocate peace.)

4) Jeanie Ames’ discourse is profane:

5) Jeanie Ames is a Confederate:

6) Jeanie Ames engages in destructive levels of banter via social media:

*This page reflects only the opinion of private citizens and is not made in connection with any political candidate or campaign.

These comments are indeed intended to dissuade the reader from voting for the candidate Jeanie Ames in the Parkway Schools, a Public School District in St. Louis County, MO. These words have been written by your fellow concerned district voters.


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The author of this post has not independently verified the identity of the Twitter User “Jeanie Ames” @ATeamMom1 , this post is written on the assumption the owner of said account is indeed the person they claim to be in their written twitter biography and account photographs.