Missouri Values

Missouri is the Show-Me-State.

As a coalition, we seek to advance action-oriented plans that create specific measurable achievements which benefit the free people of Missouri, as well as others.

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People First

"Intellectual freedom means the right to reexamine much that has been long taken for granted.

"A free man must be a reasoning man, and he must dare to doubt what a legislative or electoral majority may most passionately assert." -Justice Robert Jackson

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Economy of the Future

We aim to create the economy of the future.

Access to jobs and policies that favor economic growth are central to the ability of the average citizen to thrive in modern society.

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Since 1993

Government Should Listen and Respond.

It's a simple idea, really. That's why we have representatives.

So why is it so hard to get representatives to listen?

Many have been bought by "dark money".  Many are driven solely by their fundraising committees and donors. Advance Missouri allows the average citizen to have a voice in the process.

It's time for the people of Missouri to be heard. Together, we can influence who represents us, what policies they advocate and improve the outlook for the future of Missourians.

We hope that you'll join us.


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