Our Vision

Liberty & Justice for All. Powered by cooperation from diverse viewpoints to help form a more perfect union.

Our Story

It began with a group text message between a group of friends.

The next step was feet in the streets to hear directly from the people what is needed from our government.

Several stories later... Advance Missouri was born to advance the interests of people from Missouri.

Meet the Team

Advance Missouri is a St. Louis, MO based think tank.

We were founded by a bi-partisan coalition of voters for the purpose of advancing the quality of life, economy, infrastructure, education and application of justice for people throughout the state of Missouri.

Our goal is to create faith in a government that works for its citizens by introducing thoughts and policies to stakeholders and lawmakers.


Jonathan Lindberg


Co-Founder Advance Missouri, Owner St. Louis Wellness

Michael Rose


Next Steps...

Join our team of voters and volunteers.